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Achieving Academic Excellence

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“They Shall Mount Up With Wings of Eagles”


Thank you for your interest in  Excel Adventist Academy(EAA) as a school for your child. EAA is part of a much wider global Adventist Education System with almost 7,000 schools world wide.


EAA is a small Christian school where your child will be in a multi-grade classroom with a relaxed and welcoming family atmosphere. Multi-grade classrooms support the social and emotional development of students.    Children develop  the social skills that facilitate interaction with other students in their age category.


Our multi-grade  classrooms support children’s academic development. The wide range of skills and abilities in this type of setting fosters a more individualized approach to education. The curriculum is  adaptable to meet the needs of each student. Skills are  developed  to accommodate the  pace and timing of each student. In this environment,  teachers have the flexibility to meet either the remedial or accelerated needs of  the individual student.


The average teacher-to-student ratio is excellent, 1:15


We also have a   pre-school program for 3 and 4 year olds.  The pre-K program facilitates a single geographic location to provide a learning environment for all of your children.


After school care is available on site from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm. This service is offered at a nominal charge.